Coffee Breakdown

When generic coffee machines break down, those that suckle on its wet, cardboard tasting blend go crazy with withdrawal. Max Donigan is a Breakdown Specialist at Espresso Essential, striving to restore order to break down crazed workplaces with brand new Espresso Essential coffee machines.

“Coffee Breakdown” is a 3-minute “mockumentary” online video that I developed for Espresso Essential, an Australian supplier of fully automatic real bean coffee and premium hot chocolate machines. 

Cecilia Sikes Was a Party Girl

It was supposed to be the party of the year for Cecilia Sikes, a rebellious sixteen-year-old innocently searching for love and pleasure, and her boyfriend Heath as they embarked on a night fuelled by music, alcohol and passion.

However when the police raid the party, Heath attempts to break up a fight between the partygoers and a law enforcement unit, and a single gunshot from a nervous officer is all that is required to change their pretty little lives forever.

Now, several months later, Heath is in a coma and Cecilia must make a life-altering decision between staying by Heath’s unresponsive side and moving on. Will she succumb to her emotions or will she forced to abandon the party girl existence?

Taking Care of Business

“Sometimes for the good of the majority, bad things have to happen to the individual.”

Government agent and hardened assassin, Joey Genovese, is forced to come face to face with his conscience when his next assignment necessitates the death of his boss and friend, Frank. Will Joey overcome his conscience and take care of business?

Everybody Loves Jesus

Everybody Loves Jesus is a “Family Guy” style animation about the day-to-day life of Jesus. This is not the Jesus of Nazareth that we know, but the Hollywood socialite Jesus of LA!


Today is Jake's last day of a less than cheery high school career. Watch as he stretches the tardy policy to its limits one final time in a desperate attempt to get to class before 8:30AM, and avoid being expelled just prior to graduation.

Will he make it on time, or will he be forced to repeat the grade and suffer through another year of high school?

Emotional Baggage

A tongue-in-cheek love story about two paper bags brought together, and then violently torn apart (not literally!). Will they ever be reunited?